Create New App

Create New App
The App Creator allows you to create an app fast and easly. You can turn any website, such as WIX website, Wordpress, WebApp, eSotre or a standard website into a dedicated app, with a few mouse of clicks, within 5 minutes..

All you need is to fill the URL of the website, fill the App Certification and click on ‘Create’, the system will compile the website to the app with all the features.

The app will use WebView with a loading page that will contain your brand name. Also, the app will ceche the website to the local device for fast loading.

The compiler will sign your App with for you with the certification details you will fill so you can publish it to the Android Play Store.

In order to create the app, under the Author area click on ‘New Item’ the fill the fields below:

  • Name
    The name / title of the App.

  • Major Version

  • Minor Version
    Minor Version

  • Plan
    The current plan of the item.
    • Free
      Share app, for free use (LGPL), with ads, with splash screen, basic features.
    • Premium
      Your own App, for commercial use, push notification, no ads, no splash screen, source code, all premium features.

  • Sign Your App
    A public-key certificate, also known as a digital certificate or an identity certificate, contains the public key of a public/private key pair, as well as some other metadata identifying the owner of the key (for example, name and location).
    • Author Name
      The author first and last name of the app.
    • Author Organization
      Organization to which the certificate owner belongs.
    • Author State
      State or province of the certificate owner.
    • Author Country
      Country of the certificate owner.
    • App Password
      The password of the app certificate.
    • Icon
    • URL
      The URL to redirect the users of the app.
    • Allow push notifications
      (BETA) Allow 'Push Notification' for this item. The installer side will have to confirm the notification feature on his side.

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