ctrl-H text macro 1.36

Package: com.neotranslate.ctrlhtextmacro
Created: 2023-06-06 | Updated: 2024-07-17

About the ctrl-H text macro 1.36 APK
Make a custom find and replace all macro for digital text. Great for learning new language vocabulary or foreign scripts. Also can help cure dyslexia. order of words being replaced is important. Long words should be replaced first. A good trick for learning new alphabets is to replace letter at the front of all words by adding a space to the left of the letter but not the right like so " a" with " A" The iOS and Android apps are one download and must be unzipped Try this <ruby><rb> Word </rb><rt>replacement word</rt></ruby> You can support me by buying the Google Play Store version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ctrlhtextmacro.ctrlhtextmacro Please contact me using encrypted email clients' VPN service Patch v1.35 removed outdated code Patch v1.32 readability edits patch v1.24 spring cleaning patch v1.23 note -made 2 buttons into one(better) -next page function woring better patch v1.20 note -new replacements now append to the beginning not the end 中文 https://www.webintoapp.com/store/136851 My GitHub https://github.com/ctrl-qcvh/misc/tree/main/ctrl-h%20text%20macro Tip? Monero 4AA2tw5ipT59fHqbmQtZmGDKypw8Md58xJUP9DVmtJbcfRs2YheemMKNgR5bMTELnHhyMgx3y573Ndb3321VSXjj1JJ5nPx

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Please note that the ctrl-H text macro 1.36 APK based on WebView technology. You should be aware of the risks of installing Android apps based on WebView/HTML/JS from sources other than the Play Store.

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