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ECommerce App Maker
Shopify / WooCommerce To Android & iOS Native App Maker
One of the most common solution the WebIntoApp provides is the ability to convert ecommerce stores, such as Shopify, WooCommerce or any other online store platform into a stand alone mobile App for Android (with APK) and iOS.
Push Notifications
You can add Firebase support to your App, easily, with a few clicks, then push Notifications to your App users for new Sales and Offers.
Detect Installs
Additionally to the Firebase usage statistics, the built in Installs Statistics of our system allows you to track new installations detailed with many parameters, such as the Date &Time, Country, City, Device, OS and more, this gives you the ability to track the popularity of your App.
FREE Trial
You can convert your ecommerce store to Android APK and publish it to the Google Play Store for FREE under the Free App Maker mode.
Dedicated App
After using the Free Trial you can always convert your ecommerce store to your own white label native App for Android and iOS with all the Extra Features and set your own company name.

The stages to convert ECommerce into a Native App

Convert your Shopify / WooCommerce into a native App for Android and iOS with Push Notifications support:

  1. Enter the URL address of your ECommerce store

    Enter the URL of your store. This can be Shopify / WooCommerce and any online e-store.

    WordPress URL To App

  2. Set the details of your ECommerce store

    Set the look and the behavior of your App, you can upload and set the Icon of your store and set the Systray color and the Toolbar settings of your App, so your App will be friendly to your App end users.

    ECommerce App Features

  3. Push Notifications Support (Optional)

    Use the Firebase free services in order to Push Notifications to the end users of your App. Just set your Firebase json / plist files to in the Firebase section of the App Maker, we have already added the SDK and all necessary libraries for you.

    Shopify / WooCommerce App Firebase

  4. Build your App

    Click on the next button in order to move the next stage of the App maker, now you can set the Mode of your App (Free or Dedicated), then click on the Make App button. The system will now build your App online within a short one minute.

    ECommerce App Maker

  5. Download and publish your App

    The native App of your ECommerce store is ready! You can publish it to the Google Play Store and to the Apple App Store.

    Download ECommerce App

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