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Create a WebView App from any URL address, online, with a few clicks.

Android WebView

Create a WebView App for Android and publish it to the Google Play Store.

iOS WebView

Create a WebView App for iPhone & iPad and publish it to the Apple App Store.

WebView App Maker

What is a WebView App?
WebView (or Apple WebKit) is a software component that allows you to display web content inside a dedicated App.
Real App
The Extra Features of the App Maker allows you to set many features, such as Firebase capability, AdMob support, the App Toolbar & Systray and more..
Publish your App
After creating your WebView App, you can publish it to the Google Play Store and to the Apple App Store and make it available to millions of potential users.
Create WebView App for Android and iOS online

Here are the stages in order to create URL WebView App:

  1. Enter the URL of the WebView App

    Enter the URL address you want the WebView component will display.

  2. Set the details of the App then click on Next

    Set the details of your App, such as the version, the package name, etc.. then click on the Next button.

  3. Click on the 'Make App' button

    Make sure all the details of your App are correct then click on the 'Make App' button, the App Maker will create the WebView App for you.

  4. Download your App

    You can now download your App and publish it to the relevant App store. Dedicated Apps contains the source code of the App.

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