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Convert your website into Android APK and AAB, online, and for FREE.

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Website To Android APK & App Bundle (AAB)
Convert your website into an App Bundle (AAB) with APK for Android and for FREE
The default plan of our service gives everyone the ability to convert a website URL into a stand alone mobile App for Android (release APK & App Bundle (AAB) and for FREE.
Compiling Online
The App Maker will build your stand-alone released APK file that can be installed on any device with Android OS on it, such as Phones, Tablets, TVs and more.. Online and within a short minute.
This is your own App
Even that the mode of your App is FREE, you can still set your own icon and the ownership of the App to your company or your service.
Google Play Store Ready
After creating the App, you can publish your App Bundle (AAB) to the Google Play Store with your own Play Store developer account.
Author Area
Also, you can update / upgrade your App in the future, detect installs and get the Installs Statistics of your App detailed by many parameters in your own Author Area.


Here are the instructions to convert website to a free Android APK + AAB and publish it to the Google Play Store:

  1. Enter the URL

    Enter the URL of the website you wish to convert to Android APK + AAB.

    Website URL To Apk

  2. Set Icon App

    Set the icon of your App by clicking on the Set Icon option in the Extra Feature section of the App Maker.

    Website To Apk Icon

  3. Set Ownership

    The system will use the default values for the keystore of your App, still, you can set your own details in the ownership of your App in the Ownership & Certification section. After it, click on the Next button.

    Website To Apk Certification

  4. Compile To APK

    In stage two of the App Maker you can build your App. Make sure the details of your App are correct and click on Make App. The system will build and compile your App online. This process may take up to one minute.

    Website To Apk Maker

  5. Publish your App

    Now you can open an account at the Google Play Store, and publish your App with the keystore details you have set.

Turn your website into a dedicated App in minutes.

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