Compare between the available App types

Feature Free App Dedicated App
Build your own App

Turn any website into a mobile App, online and immediately.

Branded App

The mode of your App

Our company name Your own company name
Your own App icon

Set your own icons of your App.

Recompile / Upgrade your App

Update, upgrade and recompile your App versions online.

Android App

APK file that can be run on any Android devices and platforms.

Firebase Capability (Push notification + Analytics)

Push notifications to your App users and get the usage Analytics of your App with the Google Firebase free services.

AdMob Capability

Add an AD banner to the bottom of your App and Earn money with AdMob.

Our Advertisement
Your own AdMob
Get the source code of your App

Recompile / Add / Remove features and do whatever your want with the source code of your Android and iOS App under the MIT license.

Ownership & Certification

Set your own package name, the ownership and the certification of your App.

Your brand in the Loading Screen

Set your own brand name in the Loading Screen.

Google Play Store Ready

Publish your App to the Google Play Store and any other APK online stores and make it available to millions of potentials users.

iOS App*

The source code of your iOS App that can be compile and run under your Mac computer.

Apple Appstore Ready*

Publish your iOS App to the Apple App store with your own Apple Developer account.

All other premium features

Get all other premium features such as an online support, an high priority on the compiling queue, for commercial usage and much more.

License Free Usage (LGPL) For Commercial Usage
From 49.5$ only
One time fee. No subscription. No hidden fees.

* You will get the source code of your iOS App. Please note that you will need a Mac computer in order to compile and run your App with the XCode Simulator (Free & Easily) or under your own iPhone or iPad devices. Also, you will need the Apple Developer Account in order to publish your App to the Apple App Store.

Turn your website into a dedicated App within 5 minutes!

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