Turn a website to App

This tutorial will guide you how to turn a website into a free or a dedicated App for Android and iOS.

Our App Maker is the main tool of our service. This form gives you the ability to turn any website into your own dedicated and branded App, with Firebase and Admob capabilities, for Android and iOS devices and platforms - fast and easily!

You can create a new App or edit (add / remove features) from an existing App by editing the App with the App Maker.

Set the general details of your App
  1. Add the URL of the website you wish to turn into a mobile App.

    You can use the Simulator in order to see the estimated results of your App in the Mobile devices, Tablets, Desktop PCs and TV devices.

  2. Set the App details:

    • Give your App a name.
    • Set the Major Version and the Minor Version of your App.
    • Describe the App.
    • Set your company / organization name.
    • Set the package name.
  3. Set the icon of your App.

  4. Set the Certification / Ownership of your App (Optional).

    A public-key certificate, also known as a digital certificate or an identity certificate, contains the public key of a public/private key pair, as well as some other metadata identifying the owner of the your App (for example, name and location).

Set the extra features and build your App
There are two types of modes that can be used in order to create an App - FREE App or Dedicated App.

FREE App (share mode)
You can turn any website into an Android App for free under share mode. This operation will make a release APK file with our AdMob banner and a package name ‘com.webintoapp.[appkey]’. You can release the FREE App with your friends and customers, also, you can publish your app to the Google Play store and any other APK app store.

Dedicated App
The Dedicated App mode allows you to create your own dedicated and branded App for Android (Debug APK + Release APK + Ownership & Certification + Source Code) and iOS (Source Code) devices, under release mode and without our AdMob banner. This mode will create your own App and you can use it for commercial purposes, share it with your customers, publish it to the Google Play / Apple App store and any other APK/App stores under your own package and company name. You can add features to your App as you wish and pay for the features you uses only.

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