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Convert your HTML / JS / CSS files into a mobile App for Android &iOS.

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HTML / JS/ CSS To A Mobile App

The App Maker of also allows you to convert your HTML / Javascript / CSS project files into a mobile App for Android and iOS, online.
Offline App
Any App that made with HTML / JS / CSS that can work on your local device can be used as a stand alone App for Android & iOS. Just upload your project files under a zip file and hit the Make App button, the App Maker will add your files to a WebView App with all the Extra Features.
Extra Features
You can use the Extra Features section of our App Maker in order to set the Icon, the Ownership and the look and the behavior of your App.
The App Maker supports the Firebase SDK by default, you can easily add your JSON / PLIST settings then use the Messaging (Push Notifications) and the Analytics services of Firebase from your App.
Free Trial
You can convert your HTML / JS / CSS project file into a mobile App for Android for Free and test the results, upgrading to a dedicated App can be done at any time in the future.


Follow the next steps in order to convert your HTML / JS / CSS into a mobile App:

  1. Upload your ZIP project file

    The HTML/CSS/JS project files should be under the main directory of a ZIP file, while the index.html file is the entry point of your App.

    HTML To App ZIP

  2. App Details

    Set the App details, such as the Icon, the Ownership, the Splash Screen and more, then click on the Next Button.

    HTML To App Details

  3. Make App

    Make sure all the details of the App are correct, set the mode of your App (Free or Dedicated) then click on the Make App button. The App Maker will build your App online, this process may take up to 1 minute.

    HTML To App Maker

  4. Download

    Your App is ready! You can download and install it on your local device and publish it to the Google Play Store (Free App) and to the Apple App Store (Dedicated App).

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